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9 Handy apps for parents

Posted by Matt Hale

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We love tech tools at Rising Tide HQ especially ones that make parenting just that little bit easier!  Here are our top picks from mums and dads around the office.

1. Magic Sleep

This nifty app sends your baby (or you!) off to sleep land by replicating the soothing sounds heard in the womb.

2. Potty Chart

American terminology aside, this is an engaging way to reward your toddler for their toilet training achievements with virtual gold stars.  A simple concept, but very effective by all accounts.

3. Toddler Counting

The perfect distraction tool that is educational at the same time, this counting app teaches kids to count using cute images of animals.

4. Virtual Bubble wrap

This is like having a gigantic piece of bubble wrap in your pocket that never runs out of bubbles to pop!  But beware, this is addictive for kids and adults alike.

5. Koi Pond

Ever been mesmerised by fish swimming slowly around a pond?  Now you can create the same sensation with your iphone through this clever app that turns your screen in to a Koi pond.  Good for getting the kids to zone out if they’re having a crazy moment!

6. Wonder Weeks

For parents of newborns and young babies this app helps parents track the development of their child.  The app provides parents with a timeline of developmental milestones and associated symptoms and changes to look at for.

7. Feed Safe

A must-have app for breast feeding mothers who enjoy a wine or two, this handy tool allows you to track your alcohol consumption and tells you when your breast milk will be free of alcohol.

7. Canvsly

“Every child is a prodigious Picasso” is the tagline for this app, though when your child hands you 20 scribble “artworks” a day you may beg to differ.  Nonetheless, this app allows you to document, collect and catalogue every drawing your child ever hands you. Who knows, maybe they’ll be worth something one day!

8. Skype

The Skype app lets you video chat with your children for free so you can stay in touch with them during the day while at work if you’re out of town for a few days.


And lastly…


 9. Guided Access Mode for Iphones

A little iphone trick that will prevent your kids from doing anything you don’t want them to on your phone.

Here’s what you do:

– Go into your iphone settings.

– Click on general.

– Click on accessibility.

– Scroll down until you see Guided Access (it will be under the learning section) and switch the switch to on.

– After you slide the lever to on, it will ask you to create a password (you will only have to do all of this once).

When you want to access your parent mode, all you do is triple click your home button.  This will allow you to circle any onscreen areas you would like to disable such as ads, play buttons or even the whole screen!  The home button disables automatically and when you want to disable parent mode you just triple click it again and enter your password!  Genius. Thanks to prettyprovidence.com for alerting us to this fabulous feature.