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I want to be able to afford family holidays

Posted by Matt Hale

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Family holidays are something we all look forward to, and there’s no better way to make memories. Travel teaches us about different cultures, expands our horizons, and often allows us to take a much-needed break from our work.

For many of us, one of our main financial goals is to be in a position where we can afford to travel with our family for a holiday at least once per year. But how can we keep costs down to ensure that we’re able to manage our regular expenses back home?

Travel off-peak

One of the most sure-fire ways to keep the costs of travel down is to travel off-peak. For many young families, school holidays are the preferred time to travel, and as a result, these dates usually come with premium travel costs. But if you can get around it, you’re likely to see some massive savings.

Before making any bookings, don’t forget to check out discount travel websites like Luxury Escape and Scoopon. If you’re lucky you can find some massive discounts – sometimes up to 72%!

Experience the culture

One of the main reasons we love to travel is the opportunity to experience another culture, so don’t fall into the trap of drinking and eating in your hotel, especially if you’re travelling overseas.

Hotels often take advantage of the convenience they can offer, and many will charge Australian prices (or more). Get out and experience the culture and local restaurants and venues – you’ll get a richer travel experience and you could even save heaps in the process.

Embrace bartering

If you’re travelling to Asia, a big part of their culture is haggling over price, so don’t be scared to negotiate yourself a better deal. It’s all part of the experience, and can often lead to a much better price.

While it might feel uncomfortable to start with, it isn’t considered rude, it’s actually expected! Give it a go and have fun with it.

Don’t double up on travel insurance

Did you know that some credit cards offer complimentary travel insurance? Many cards will provide travel insurance if you purchase something worth more than $500 within 30 days of your travel date.

Before you sign up to a travel insurance policy, check to see if you already have cover in place. If you are eligible for free travel insurance, make sure you thoroughly read the terms so you know exactly what’s covered.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and see the world!

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