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Goals setting & your money – financial planning with Rebecca Pritchard

Posted by Matt Hale

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We’re going to talk today about how to approach goal setting, particularly if you haven’t done it before, you haven’t done it recently, can be really overwhelming. So we want to introduce Framework’s team to help facilitate this process, get the juices flowing so that we don’t get stuck in a state of overwhelmed with some analysis paralysis.

Find like some really useful to help navigate thinking, to organise our thinking and to put something down on a piece of paper. And then we can get it right.

So in terms of the framework we introduced today is two key concepts. We’ve got a vertical axis and a horizontal axis we want to think about things in terms of different timelines. When we think about our futures, everything is not necessarily going to be in the next twelve months. We’re going to have goals and it’s really important to have diversity of time-frame.

When we look at these goals, so we’ve broken it down into four different elements.

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