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Posted by Matt Hale

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2020 has been a challenging, yet rewarding year for Rising Tide. Our whole team have been working remotely for over six months – it’s been an excellent opportunity to learn and develop, and has not all been smooth sailing. We are always trying to get better, and we have found ways to improve is through anonymous feedback from clients. 

We have engaged with the Beddoes Institute to conduct an anonymous client survey on our behalf during November. In the next few weeks they will be reaching out to our whole client base with some instructions. We value your involvement, and where you deal with multiple advisers within Rising Tide, we have chosen only one for you to provide feedback. 

The survey results will enable us to assess our current levels of service objectively and to identify where and how we can improve.

Importantly, your feedback from the survey will be entirely confidential. Only anonymous survey results will be provided to us by the Beddoes Institute. 

For more information on the program and the Beddoes Institute along with their privacy policy, please refer to www.beddoesinstitute.com.au.

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