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How people can become better connected with their money.

Posted by Matt Hale

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Recently, our managing director Matt Hale caught up with the incoming CEO of AMP Australia, Alexis George. Matt & Alexis discussed what’s essential to Rising Tide when it comes to helping our clients, and Matt shared a couple of his thoughts around how people can become better connected with their money.

Alexis has a powerful resume, having led ING Europe before returning to Australia to be second in charge at ANZ for the past eight years, and has the task of assisting businesses like us to help our clients more efficiently.

Alexis: Oh hello! I’m here with Matt Hale from Rising Tide, Matt and I have known each other a few years now, so it’s really good to be reconnected again. I’d really like if you could tell us a little bit about your practice, Matt. ‘Cause I know you’re based in Melbourne at the moment but would be really interested in your practice. Who’s your typical client?

Matt: Hey Lex, thanks for having me, and it’s great to reconnect, I agree. Rising Tide is based in Melbourne, you know, we’re currently all working offline at the moment as we’ve been doing for the last 18 months. We’re primarily a financial planning and lending business. What we’d say is our bread and butter clients are sort of in their 30s, 40s and 50s but primarily people who are happy to engage digitally and those that want an opportunity to have someone guide them through the advice process without us making all the decisions for them. (…)

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