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SPECIAL AUDIO – How to financially deal with the crisis of COVID-19 for your hospitality business

Posted by Braden Johnston

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With the growing Covid-19 crisis hitting every area of the economy worldwide, but especially the hospitality industry, I thought it was pertinent to have one of my most trusted sources in the financial sector, Braden Johnston (Senior Accountant and Director from Rising Tide Financial Services based in Melbourne) on the podcast to talk about the latest stimulus package from the Australian Government, but also add value to wherever you are listening from in how we talk about the strategy around your hospitality venue in this testing time.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What you should be focused on for the next two months.
  • What are the signs to look for when deciding when to continue to try (amongst restrictions) or wind the business up.
  • How do you price your product when your supply chain might raise their raw ingredient prices.
  • What stimulus is on the horizon now that you can access.
  • What are the very short term solutions that you can implement today as a strategy.

I know this is a very confusing time for everyone. I believe part of my role in the industry is to cut through the noise and give you some clear strategy and planning tools as you continue to navigate this crisis for yourself, your family and your team.

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