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Using a mortgage broker – The path of least resistance

Posted by Matt Hale

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According to a recent article, theadviser.com.au research has shown that 84% of participants agree that using a home loan expert (such as a mortgage broker) has its benefits.

The key reasons behind these beliefs are:

  • They understand the banks better
  • They can make the process happen faster
  • The know how to get the borrower the best deal

In our experience at Rising Tide, we find that it is often the consistent service, tenacity to get the job done and choice of multiple lenders that provides our clients with the greatest confidence.

Luke, a small business owner and client of Rising Tide provided this feedback on his recent 5 star Google review. ‘the team have been brilliant with our home loan application working with us for over 12 months to get what we needed. Being a small business owner, it was a long process, but for Rising Tide nothing ever seemed to hard or an effort.’

Interestingly, it is the younger demographics who are more likely to seek help from a mortgage broker, with Generations X, Y and millennials seemingly having less of an affiliation with the bank (or ‘bank manager’) than our parents.

Rising Tide client Will McLaughlin (age 33) fits right into that mould. He and his wife Jenna have 2 young boys (Leo & Ned) – and after recently noticing that their bank hadn’t passed on as many rates cuts to existing clients as they do for new clients, reached out to Tom de Fegely at Rising Tide. Here’s what they had to say.

Why do you use a mortgage broker?
Probably for the extra knowledge and Tom explaining it in a way that I can understand.
From the beginning, we felt that Tom (& Rising Tide) were on our side and weren’t just trying to get a win for the bank.

Why wouldn’t you go directly to a bank?
Going directly to a bank doesn’t fit our lifestyle. Your choice is to either do everything over the phone/email or or go to the branch in business hours. We both work, so it was great to have the flexibility of Tom being able to come to us on occasion.

What’s been the best part of the process with Tom @ Rising Tide?
Tom provided very personal contact, he is really easy to understand and once we had met a few times, we really believed that Tom was able to understand our situation and provide personal recommendations that suit us. Also, by having access to multiple different banks we a lot of choice which we also really liked.