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Welcome to our new arrivals.

Posted by Matt Hale

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome Christine Dang (Senior Financial Planner), Mymy Nguyen (Technical Expert) and Mags Soum (Client Service/Operations Manager) to the Rising Tide family.

All our new arrivals have joined us following our successful acquisition of Wealth Enhancers, an Australian financial planning business focused heavily on goals based and investment advice. With their diverse financial backgrounds supported by unique skills and experience, it is fair to say that Christine, Mymy and Mags will bring a wide range of benefits to our existing client base.

You may not be aware that Rising Tide and Wealth Enhancers have had a connection for close to a decade. Back in 2012, when I was fortunate to win the AFA Rising Star Award, Wealth Enhancers co-founder Finn Kelly was also one of the finalists. Secondly, last year, Rebecca Pritchard (who many of you have already met) also joined us after spending nearly a decade at Wealth Enhancers.

I would also like to say welcome to the existing Wealth Enhancers clients who have recently joined Rising Tide. Rest assured, it’s business as usual, but you will also enjoy the benefit of Rising Tide’s 15 years of experience in financial advice and lending to help look after your needs, now and into the future.

That said, I think one of the areas we can provide some immediate value is to ensure your lending structures are set up correctly – if that’s something on your radar, please reach out to Sam Gawenda or email sam@ctrt.com.au.