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Welcome to Rising Tide

Posted by Matt Hale

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Welcome to Rising Tide.

And for those of you joining me from the end of another Melbourne lockdown, I hope you are doing OK and fingers crossed for the coming weeks.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Wealth Enhancers (WE) team officially joined Rising Tide over the past few weeks, and we are currently in the process of finalising everything with the product providers and insurance companies.

Rising Tide started back in 2005. Throughout the journey, we have always focused on a similar demographic to Wealth Enhancers. I am confident we can put a fresh set of eyes over your setup and structures to make sure everything is set up correctly. One of our differences at Rising Tide, is that as well as financial planning, we also look after mortgage broking/lending in-house. We started the lending arm back in 2012 when it became clear that lending was an essential part of our client’s financial lives.
It’s taken a while for the move from WE to Rising Tide to take place – I initially connected with Finn at Wealth Enhancers in 2020 after former WE coach Rebecca Pritchard joined Rising Tide. Now the transition is close to completion, we are stoked to have Christine, Magali and Mymy on board to help us deliver on our promise to provide great financial advice.

We will be here for the long term, and I am so proud that two of our advisers, Sam Jewell & Tom de Fegely recently became equity partners.

From an advice perspective, its business as usual but we would love for you to lock in a formal catch-up with Christine, myself, or one of our other advisers as soon as you have time by using the links below.
In the interim, if you have anything advice or admin related, please make sure you reach out.

  • To lock in a Discovery session with Christine and myself – click here
  • To lock in a Discovery session with Christine only – click here

I’ve enjoyed chatting with many of you already – and for anyone I haven’t spoken to yet, I’ll connect with you over the next couple of weeks. Alternatively, if you would like to make an appointment, here is a link to my diary (you can reach me via text or call on 0401 944 713). I was hoping to make a few more calls this week, but unfortunately, I have been laid up in hospital for a couple of days with an infection. Rest assured I’ll be back on deck 100% next week.

Finally, the only logistical change we would love your help with, alongside locking in a catch up using the links above, is that Mags will be in touch with an updated direct debit form. Your monthly membership won’t change, but we will be changing our banking once the WE transition is complete.