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Who Needs a Financial Advisor? Melbourne Experts List Top Examples

Posted by Matt Hale

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Who Needs a Financial Advisor? Melbourne Experts List Top Examples

A financial advisor is not only for the wealthy and the VIPs, contrary to common misconceptions. The services of a financial advisor is actually essential – a tool for survival – that every average income-earner and entrepreneur should prioritise.

It pays to hire a financial advisor, Melbourne experts say, as your first step to seriously planning for the future and building your wealth. In a fast-changing economy, getting objective and professional counsel is one of the most important investments you could ever make.

If you’re busy with no time to make an in-depth study of your own finances, you need a financial advisor. If you’re a big-time player or a hopeful start-up, you need a financial advisor. Whether you’re worried or hopeful about your future, having a financial advisor can be game-changing and life-saving.

The short list below is a comprehensive breakdown of the types of people who absolutely need reliable, expert financial advice:

Couples growing their families. Getting married and starting a family is one of the most important decisions that will have the most impact on your financial standing. You need to know where you stand now that you are sharing the income and the expenses with your partner. Most importantly, you’ll need to be very clear about the financial responsibilities that will come with having children. A financial advisor will help you work with this new reality so you can better manage your needs as individuals and as a family unit.

Business owners. In a time when even being regularly employed isn’t a safety net, having your own business can be a good way to build security for many people. But growing a business is not for everyone, and the rewards will come only if you are prepared to take the necessary risks. With the help of a financial advisor, you can put your personal and business finances in order, so you can make more money-savvy decisions.

Elite sports professionals. Athletes – no matter how elite or celebrated they are – often have a shorter career lifespan than other people holding down “regular” careers, such as office workers, executives, doctors, lawyers, etc. So it is absolutely critical that they pay attention to their financial house now and look into maximising their current earnings, allowing them to look forward to a comfortable retirement or a second act.

Soon to-be retirees. Really sitting down and taking the time and discipline to plan for the future can be complicated, that’s why many individuals may find themselves postponing the task – until they find that it’s already too late. When it comes to building your retirement funds, remember that the earlier you do it, the higher the returns you can get. But it’s not simply a case of being an early bird, because there are so many options and regulations to take into consideration. Getting help from a financial advisor assures you that you can determine the best options specifically according to your situation today and your plans for the future.