Kyle Davis

Client Service, Financial Planning

Kyle has is a Client Services Manager at Rising Tide Financial Services, Melbourne.

Coming to us as towards the completion of his studies at RMIT, Kyle was keen to get some experience in an organisation like ours and learn from some of our leaders. Kyle is keen to develop quickly and absorb from rest of the team here while offering high levels of energy and enthusiasm to work.

Kyle supports the team with preparation of advice statements, providing advice to clients and ensuring all of the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed when gathering relevant documentation for our clients. Kyle is methodical and considered, leaving no room for error.

He loves to see the outcomes for clients and how we can better prepare them for their next financial challenge – buying property, investing in super or simply putting their financial affairs in order to get the best out of their earnings. He is constantly learning and upgrading his skills and knowledge, and gathering some strong insights in to how we can best support those clients.

Kyle is keen to start working with his own suite of clients and has established himself as in integral part of the Rising Tide Financial team.

When he is not working, Kyle loves to keep active and spends his time watching soccer. A keen angler, he loves to be out on the weekend catching some fish and communing in nature. He has a talent for eating dumplings and can be found devouring more than your average Joe in any sitting.

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