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Posted by Matt Hale

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I actually came from a financially poor background, and many things we wanted to do we weren’t able to because we didn’t have the money to do so. My mum is a great person, but the thing is she was never in the position to afford good quality financial advice and in return she suffered and didn’t have the freedom that some of my friends did.

I thought about this, and I thought why can’t we set up a financial planning business in Australia that provides really high quality advice at an affordable price? And that’s what I did in 2005.

We’ve made a strategic decision just to focus entirely on under 40s, we don’t understand what people who are nearing retirement or are in retirement are truly going through. However, if I sit down with someone with young kids, mortgage and cashflow pressures, I get it. Rhonda, Thomas, & Sam my family is faced with the same thing!

Two things I wish to do for my clients:

  1. Keep their face off a current affair, there are many investment opportunities out there some are good and some are bad. Mine and all my advisors goal is to lead them towards the good opportunities and steer them away from the bad opportunities.
  2. To simply give them financial freedom! If they want to take the holiday, they can afford to do so. If they want to send their kids to a private school, they can afford to do so. If they want to work three or four days a week as opposed to full time, they can afford to do so.

Those are the two main things we provide for our clients!

I think good financial advice is making the complicated, uncomplicated. There is so much jargon out there in the media, print media and also in the financial commentators that you hear and I think a financial advisor shows leadership and also gets really complex ideas and communicates them in a way that is easily understood.