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Do you make Additional Super Contributions?

Posted by Matt Hale

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If you make additional contributions to your super then please read on -because if those contributions occur from your bank account (not via your employer), and you want to claim a tax deduction – you need to take action.

If you don’t fill in these forms, you won’t be able to claim the deduction on your tax return!

Each fund has a different process to follow, but we’ve listed a few of the more common funds below.

  1. Macquarie – Click on this link, and you will be taken directly to the form. 
  2. MLC – Click on this link, which will take you to a list of MLC forms – click on the last form to access. 
  3. ART (formerly Sunsuper)- Click on this link, and it will take you to a list of forms ART provides. Go to the “Contribute to super” portion and click “Claim a tax deduction”. 
  4. MyNorth – Click on the link and it will directly take you to the form. https://northonline.amp.com.au/NorthOnline/siteassets/pdfs—set-up-18.2.17/forms/noi-to-claim-a-tax-deduction-north-.pdf

If your super is not with one of the above super funds, you can use this generic form from the ATO.

And remember to take a look at these client resources which may be of assistance. 

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As always, if you have any queries or require assistance, please reach out to your individual adviser or via email – admin@ctrt.com.au

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