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Money-saving apps for food lovers

Posted by Matt Hale

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Before I got in to financial planning Melbourne I trained as a chef! To this day I love my food which means that sometimes I’m definitely guilty of blowing out the food budget ($18 double cream brie anyone?).

Thankfully, there are a number of cool food apps and websites that have popped up in the last few years that indulge my love of food while also saving me money. Here are my top picks:


Yume is a new, Melbourne-based app that allows you to snap up unsold food from your favourite restaurants and cafes for 50% off the normal price. Offers tend to pop up just after lunch. I often find myself eating lunch late in the day so I find this app really handy.

Eat With

I love this concept! A new website that allows you to book a spot at a table at someone’s house rather than a restaurant, I tend to make use of this site mainly when I’m travelling. I find this is an awesome way to get a genuine insight into another culture, plus the whole experience is almost always much, much cheaper than eating out at a restaurant.


I like splurge on a fancy restaurant every now and then. Suppertime is a new app and website that delivers food from high-end restaurants to your door. While this may mean forgoing the restaurant experience, it does mean that you can keep costs down by drinking your own wine and by avoiding extra costs like taxis.


The best way to stick to your food budget is by having a shopping list that is based around meals that you plan to cook. I have tried writing lists in the past but I always seem to lose the piece of paper! Wunderlist allows you to store you shopping list on your iphone. It also allows you to cross items off as you go and share your list and updates with other members of your household. Genius.