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Stuff You Should Know Before Launching Into The Property Market

Posted by Matt Hale

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You’ve worked hard and have finally managed to save a deposit, now if only purchasing a property was as simple as clicking the buy now button. In reality, trying to purchase a property can be extremely stressful if unprepared.

Information you need before attending inspections:

  1. Explore All Options – Explore all lending options, there are so many available to you. Ensure to lock in to one that keeps your interest rates low and avoids extra costs eg: Lenders Mortgage Insurance.
  2. Set Realistic Expectations – Set realistic expectations on the location and appearance of the property to avoid disappointment. If purchasing a first home, remember it’s more about getting into the market than purchasing your dream home.
  3. Know the Market – Scrolling through real estate websites isn’t sufficient, do extensive research, attend auctions and speak to the agent to ensure you’re fully aware of what properties are actually selling for.
  4. Coaching – Invest in some coaching on how to behave come auction day, your body language on the day could ultimately be the deciding factor in whether you achieve or lose your dream property.

Good luck on Auction Day!