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What does financial advice cost? 

Posted by Matt Hale

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Firstly, check out our process here that will help you better understand the detailed & structured process we follow. 

This initial project for a Rising Tide ideal client includes; 

  • Help you articulate your goals – making sure there are no conflicts & they are prioritized to make them achievable 
  • Review your current situation – superannuation, investments, life insurance, cashflow, home loans & investment lending
  • Take time to understand your values and experience with money 
  • Preparing strategies to help you achieve your goals 
  • Providing you with the proper documentation, including an externally vetted statement of advice (the vetting provides formal approval that the advice is in your best interests & aligns with the relevant legislation)
  • Implementing all financial strategies 
  • Providing weekly updates during implementation

The initial project fee for new clients is between $4,500 – $7,500.  

Depending on your circumstances, up to ½ to 2/3 of this can often come from your superannuation. Before you sign off on any fees, you will be 100% clear on what you are paying and where it is coming from (your cash flow/investments/superannuation. 

How does Rising Tide work with its clients? 

 “Patience is a key element of success”Bill Gates 

With our financial planning clients, we avoid ‘one-off’ advice. We’ve learnt the actual value of financial planning is in the long term (for us & the clients). 
Selfishly, we love seeing our clients achieve their goals – we rarely achieve great things in a short period.  

After the initial project we complete in year one, we have a few options for our ongoing relationship – but over 80% of clients choose to have an annual planning meeting.  

We review everything in your world over the past twelve months and readjust your goals at this meeting. 
We will also overlay any legislative changes that may impact your strategies & do a full review of all the products involved in your financial plan. An excellent example of this is reviewing a client’s interest rate annually. 

All fee-paying clients can access our advice team whenever required (within reason 😊 ). This may include an early morning text before a salary negotiation or a Saturday evening email after buying a new house!  

Our fee structure is a transparent, annual agreement. You will be clear about what you pay & how/when it gets paid. Here is more info If you need it about annual agreements. 

After the initial project, the ongoing, tax-deductible fee for engaging with us starts at $3,500 + GST per annum. After a tax deduction (based on a 30% tax rate), this comes back to around $50 per week (which may be coming from your cash flow, superannuation or a combination of both). 

The first step is to lock in a 30-minute intro call & chat with one of our senior advisers. They’ll answer all your questions before you commit to anything. 
PS if you need help only with your home and investment loans, click here to chat with a mortgage/lending specialist.