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A chat with Rising Tide Client and Founder of Pure You Clothing, Jessica Jamieson

Posted by Matt Hale

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1) How long have you been a Rising Tide client?

We have been clients of Rising Tide for 2 years and could not be happier. Rising tide helped us to buy our first home in 2014 and also use Rising Tide for all our finances. Rising Tide has made our life so easy especially as we live overseas. They take care of all our financial matters and nothing is ever too much for them.

2) You and your family are from Melbourne but are currently living in Thailand. What made you make the move?

My husband Dale was given an opportunity to relocate to Thailand for work. We saw this as a great opportunity both professionally and as an overall life experience for us as a family. It is not often that you get an opportunity like this so it was an easy decision to make.

3) What’s it like bringing up a small family so far away from home?

It’s what you make of the experience so we have embraced everything that comes with living an expat lifestyle. Our children settled in really easily here, making it easy for both Dale and I. We live in an expat compound so we could slowly integrate our kids into such a different culture. Our kids go to school here and have made many friends that come from all over the world. They get to experience all different cultures and nationalities every day just by being at school.

Our families back home in Melbourne have been nothing but supportive. It is easy to keep in contact with them thanks to Skype and social media, plus it’s only an 8-hour flight.

4) What do you love about Thailand?

It’s hard to narrow it down, as there is so much I have fallen in love with whilst living here in Thailand. I love how happy and friendly the Thai people are. I love how they greet you with a ‘Wai’ blessing. I love their cultural celebrations like Songkran (Thai New Year), their religious ceremonies, their history, the food, in particular, the exotic fruits that you can find on every corner of the street and of course the amazing beaches. There is so much to appreciate here that is unique and different.

5) What led you to start your own business?

My children. They, along with my husband are the inspiration behind my activewear label. My husband and I had a complete lifestyle change when we had our daughter 6 years ago. We want our kids to grow up knowing that living an active lifestyle is “normal” and not a phase or a fad. We want our kids to be proud of us and that is why we live the lifestyle we live.  I want to create an activewear label that represents a healthy, active living lifestyle that transcends through generations.

 6) Who are your clothes made for/what is your target market?

Pure You garments are designed for mums and women that live an active lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean its activewear only to be worn in a gym environment but it can be worn as everyday wear. Whether it is cleaning the house, running the kids around to their activities or doing a gym class, Pure You takes into account the busy lifestyles of women.

The label stands for the “Pure You”, and embracing everything that makes you, YOU!

My target market is mums and women of all ages that share the same vision as I do and want to inspire change.

It is about wanting to live a fit, active and healthy lifestyle and to be the inspiration/role model to your kids and others around you.

Wearing Pure You is about empowering active mums and women to achieve their full potential whilst being an inspiration to their children and those around them.

7) What makes your clothes great? Material? Craftsmanship?

Pure You garments are unique and stylish in appearance yet functional. All garments are designed to accommodate and complement the many different shapes and sizes of women.

There is so much that goes into the design of every Pure You garment. Everything from expert craftsmanship to the smallest detail on the garment has been carefully selected to compliment the busy lifestyle of active mums and women.

Whether it is participating in your favorite group class session at the gym to running the kids to and from their activities, Pure You has you covered.

 8) Are your clothes made in Thailand? If so, what sort of relationship do you have with the manufacturers?

 Yes all my garments are made in Thailand. This is such an advantage of living here in Thailand is that I can visit the manufacturing plant where all my garments are being made at any time I require. It also allows me to work closely with all the team that is involved in producing my garments. This includes the patternmaker, seamstress, sales representatives and the Executive director.

Living in Thailand where my garments are being made has allowed me to be involved in the whole process of everything that is required to produce my garments. I get to see every process and what it takes to produce a clothing collection.

It was also important for me to see the working conditions of the employees and the manufacturing plant and to ensure they worked in a good environment.

I could not be happier with my manufacturer. They have allowed me to take part in creating my first activewear collection, allowing me to see what goes on behind the scenes. I look forward to working with them for the next collection.

9) What sort of financial and administration hurdles did you face when setting up your business?

When we started planning the label, we made sure to really plan as much as we could. This included a realistic budget, quantities of garments, website etc.

Initially we had a lot of difficulty finding a manufacturing plant that firstly can produce what I was after and secondly within my budget. This took a lot of research and meetings but I eventually found a manufacturer that was willing to bend their rules to help me get my start.

10) How did Rising Tide help make the process easier?

Rising Tide helped by registering my business name “Pure You” through ASIC.

They were only ever an email or phone call away if I was ever in doubt about anything.

11) How can Rising Tide clients purchase you clothes?

You can purchase Pure You garments from my website: www.pureyouclothing.com

Also be sure to check out Pure You on Facebook and Instagram

This label is designed for all women so please feel free to let me know what you like and what you don’t and I will be sure to incorporate it into my designs.

 Pure You will be launching at Cairns Ironman from June 9th – 12th.