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End of Year Update

Posted by Matt Hale

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It’s been a crazy year. No one would’ve picked that interest rates would be up close to 3% for the year.
It’s impacting the property market & everyone’s back pocket – especially those who have already rolled out of fixed-rate loans throughout 2022.

From what we can see, the pain will continue. Please reach out if you want to review your home loan. To negotiate better interest rates for you, we partnered with SHERLOK (featured on all the major news services earlier this year). If you see an email in your inbox from Sherlok, you can trust it – their cyber security is top-tier.

Check out one of our clients, Penny, here on ‘A Current Affair’. Penny was able to save a good chunk on her interest rate after we reviewed it via Sherlok.

On a positive note, recently, we had three advisers in the Financial Standard top 50 advisers in Australia – Rebecca, Sam J & myself. Check the list out here.

Finally, we will have skeleton staff available over the Christmas/New Year break. Please reach out via email to your adviser/broker.

I hope you have a great end to the year. From our team, thank you for all your support again in 2022.