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A Proven Staff Engagement Strategy

Posted by Matt Hale

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If creating a happy, productive working environment for your staff is a priority to you and your business, then we would like to talk to you.

Our Wealth Workshops are a complimentary service for any type of business.

You will receive the benefit of being a boss who cares about making sure your employees have a proper understanding of managing their money.

You know the story about the forest and the trees? Well that’s how navigating your finances can seem. Although it seems complex, it’s remarkably simple.

Hi! I’m Chris Browne from Rising Tide Financial Services, did you know that managing your money is remarkably simple? All you need is the right advice. The Rising Tide wealth workshops could be the answer you’re looking for.

Michelle – Wealth Workshop Attendee
“I’m 31, recently married. My husband & I have a couple of mortgages and A LOT of credit card debt. We had some financial goals that we were really hoping to achieve but they just didn’t seem possible. I feel positive about our financial future since meeting with Rising Tide, we’ve got a clear plan, achievable goals and were starting to see action, achieving those goals and ticking things off our list which is fantastic. If you’re thinking about attending a wealth workshop, just do it. What do you have to lose? Even if you’re not thinking about it, get in the room. It’s easy, just go in hear what they have to say and you won’t be disappointed! ”

Peter – Wealth Workshop Host
“I heard about wealth workshops through a business mate of mine, I got Chris and the boys to come into my office and deliver a session. It was valuable, no pressure and best of all it was free. It made a real difference to my staff and to my business. They’re less stressed, more productive and they’re happier, which means I’m happier. It also made a difference to my own financial goals, so everyone is happy. ”

Georgie – Wealth Workshop Attendee
“Before the Rising Tide team came and presented the wealth workshop, I think a lot of us had a bit of uncertainty about our financial situation. Where we were, where we could go and how we could use our finances best to our advantage. A lot of people have issues around credit card debt, wanting to purchase properties, even superannuation that you don’t think about at this age. The wealth workshops are free, quick and there’s no obligation. It’s just a great opportunity for people to have a think about their finances and to think where they can take their finances and to gain that security that everyone is after.”

It’s free, it’s simple and it’s only 45 minutes of your employees time, at your office.
Give us a call on 03 370 330 287 and make a real difference in your employees lives