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Rebecca Pritchard – New Shareholder at Rising Tide Financial

Posted by Matt Hale

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Six years ago, I didn’t know Rebecca Pritchard. Today, she’s part of my inner sanctum and a fellow business owner here at Rising Tide.

I first met Rebecca in 2018, and she burst into my life with remarkable energy. At the time, she was in the early stages of her financial planning career and had been nominated for the Young Financial Planner of the Year in Australia—an award I had the honour to judge. Interestingly, Sam Jewell from Rising Tide was also a finalist.

Rebecca emerged victorious with unanimous support. Her poise, confidence, and dedication to financial advice were evident from the start. I admired her decision to leave behind a corporate job to pursue a path of helping others, and she excelled in her new role.

After the awards, Rebecca and I began catching up over coffee. I distinctly recall mentioning to our team (and to Rebecca herself) how much I hoped to collaborate with her.

Fast forward through numerous conversations and thoughtful consideration, Rebecca made the bold decision to leave her established position and join Rising Tide—this while she was on parental leave before the arrival of her son, Jeffy. At the same time, Annie and I eagerly awaited the birth of our son, Max. Though our experiences differed, I admired Rebecca’s ability to navigate the challenges of early parenthood while making significant career choices.

Since our initial meeting, Rebecca has faced many challenges and triumphs. She has had to balance the joys and demands of family life with the complexities of advancing her career in a new setting, especially the challenges of remote work amid COVID-19.

In her five years at Rising Tide, Rebecca has consistently excelled, and I am personally thrilled to have her, Eric, Jeffy, and Della committed to our journey for the long term. 

Rebecca is known for her clarity, compassion, and consistency. She always prioritises her clients and perfectly balances client service. She also contributes to Rising Tide, enabling our clients and team to embrace the freedom to pursue what truly matters.

Reflecting on Rebecca’s journey, I asked my fellow Rising Tide shareholders for their thoughts: 

Sam Gawenda remarked, “Rebecca has brought a fresh dynamic to Rising Tide, benefiting our team and clients greatly. She’s a star, and we are fortunate to have her!” 

Sam Jewell added, “From day one, Rebecca has profoundly impacted our Financial Planning team and Rising Tide. I’m excited to welcome her as a fellow shareholder; her long-term commitment is invaluable to our business.”

With Rebecca now a business owner, I eagerly anticipate more of what Rebecca fondly calls “delightfully unremarkable” days spent helping our clients achieve their ‘yes’ moments.

Matt Hale
Senior Financial Planner, Director
With more than 12 years of experience within the financial planning sector, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of services...