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Sam J on Being Shortlisted for AFA’s Rising Star of the Year Award, Life and Work

Posted by Matt Hale

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All the team here at Rising Tide Financial Services are so incredibly proud of our very own Sam Jewell for making it into the top 20 for the AFA Rising Star of the Year Award! Let’s take a look at just who Sam is, and why he’s in the running for such an amazing honour!

Outside of work

When Sam isn’t working, he’s watching the footy (sadly he’s a Bombers fan) – in fact, the only TV he watches is Fox Footy! He says he can’t get enough.

You could say Sam is just a little football crazy, since he also likes to go watch his local footy club, Brighton Grammar, on a Saturday with his ‘old man’. To complete his perfect Saturday, he’d also be having a BBQ and beers with his dad and brother. And probably watching more footy on TV!

He also loves getting involved with the MCC. In fact, he’s the current vice president of the young members. He spends a lot of time organising and running events for the club.

Journey to a financial planning career

Sam originally fell into financial advising after catching up with a friend of his dad’s and liking the sound of the friend’s title of Financial Adviser. He’s been with us at Rising Tide Financial Services for almost 5 years now, and loves getting to work with people from all walks of life and help them, “whether it be financially or just [with] general life issues [because it] is very rewarding”.

In his time with us, he’s gone from “sitting on Matt Hale’s shoulder” to being one of our senior team members – we’re all incredibly proud of how much Sam has grown since joining us.

Why he deserves to win!

Sam says, “I think I work as hard, if not harder, than anyone. The amount of experience I’ve had as a 26-year-old adviser would be unparalleled, and the people I surround myself with are turning me into a pretty well-equipped adviser.

He made it to the finals last year, but says, “I’m in far better shape this year – not only as an adviser, but as a person. I’m much more well-rounded this year.”

The verdict

None of us would argue that, Sam! We’re all so impressed of the progress you’ve made over these last few years, and even if you don’t take out the top prize you’re still a winner to us!