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The freedom to say ‘I do’

Posted by Matt Hale

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There is a fundamental difference in the concept of time (and being on time) between the Philippines and Australia.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised that Jessa, one of our Cebu team locals, was on time – well, only 10 minutes fashionably late, in true Filipino style – for our cab journey up the hill to our colleague Eve’s wedding.

Our destination was the enchanting Chateau de Busay, a jewel among Cebu’s wedding venues, and where negotiations ensued due to the additional fuel required for the venue’s altitude!

In the world of time, Jessa and I were early – Australian early. However, the wedding adhered to the rhythm of Filipino time. Gracefully tardy. Fortunately, the breathtaking venue backdrop provided solace during the two hours we had to kill.

Then, the moment we had all eagerly anticipated arrived. It was the moment that had spurred my journey from Melbourne to the Philippines.

As the music ramped up, Eve made her way down the aisle to marry her beau, Felix. She looked amazing in her flowing white dress – and so happy.

As Felix and Eve had their ‘yes’ moment, the crowd erupted with rapturous applause.

Eve joined Rising Tide more than two years ago. She’s patient and compassionate and continues to grow in her role. Day-to-day, she helps people in times of need to instigate and manage insurance claims, which requires tact and EQ.

The rest of Eve and Felix’ wedding night was great fun, and I was privileged to speak on behalf of the Rising Tide team, both those at the wedding and those who couldn’t make it.

Between the ceremony and reception we enjoyed cocktails and doughnuts and then rounded out the festivities with a nightcap at a local ‘restobar’ overlooking the city lights. Perfect!

I spent a few days before and after the wedding with a good chunk of our Cebu team – something you simply cannot replicate over Teams. Being able to have a good amount of belly-to-belly time with the team was a blessing and I’m sure we will all reap the benefits of it over the coming weeks and months.

Salamat, Cebu!

Until next time 😎

Matt Hale