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A chat with Braden Johnston and Matt Hale on accounting, tax and small business

Posted by Matt Hale

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Matt: What should small businesses be doing right now in the midst of what’s happening?

Braden: Right now the key thing is strategy. I think whether it’s looking at, you know, what stimulus is available to you, how preserving our cash flow, how we’re going to come out of this at the end of it, I think that’s the key thing we’ve got to be putting in place basically a six month plan. So there’s the right now, which is just save as much cash, get the stimulus packages that you have available to you. And then also, how do you come out of the other end of this actually ahead of where you are right now? And for some businesses, this is a really good opportunity. There’s going to be a bit of a lag once the lockdown ends.

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