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Choosing the Best Financial Advisor in Melbourne

Posted by Matt Hale

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Are you looking for a quality financial advisor in the Melbourne area to assist with some of the largest financial decisions of your life? This task is no small feat, as an enormous amount of responsibility and consequence lies in the outcome of this decision. When choosing someone to advise you on how to handle your money, you want to ensure that someone will be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and overall have your best interest in mind. The number one quality to look for in a financial advisor is of course knowledge. If everyone in the world knew how to manage their own finances, financial advisors would be out of a job. The financial world is a convoluted, complicated mess of decisions that can influence your future immensely.

You could be seeking the best financial advisor in Melbourne for a number of reasons, including: taking out a home loan, buying property or looking to invest in a business. Whatever your reason, you want to ensure that your financial advisor knows the market, knows the risk and return and has done the research on the specifics. Most advisors will cover the basics and give general advice, but the best advisors will go above and beyond to ensure that your financial endeavor is thoroughly researched and vetted. A quality advisor will not let you walk into a financial situation blindfolded.

Another extremely important checkbox in finding the best financial advisor is finding someone who is trustworthy and has a great deal of professional integrity. While this may not be the easiest quality to discern in a complete stranger, you can generally determine this through their demeanor when conversing with their clients. The normal financial advisor will seem somewhat uninterested, as if this is just routine practice to them. Even worse, they could seem malicious, and attempt to take advantage of their clients. However, the best financial advisors will remain interested and involved in your specific case, and ensure that you are receiving the best care throughout the financial process.

The world is filled with hundreds of well to do, knowledgeable financial advisors. But what truly sets the best advisors apart from the pack is their track record. Experience is a valuable and necessary attribute when it comes to every aspect of life. When dealing with money, you absolutely do not want a rookie mistake to bring down your entire financial base. Experienced advisors know the markets, know the economy and most of all know people. They know how people invest and how they save, and they have seen the mistakes that can be made. Going with a green and untrained advisor can prove to work out if they are truly gifted with handling money, but for the best experience, one should look for someone with a fair amount of experience under their belt.

By following these tips, you should be successful in finding the best financial advisor in Melbourne. After all, when trusting others with your money, you want only the best service and reliability.

Matt Hale
Senior Financial Planner, Director
With more than 12 years of experience within the financial planning sector, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of services...