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Financial Standard Power50 for 2023 – Matt Hale and Sam Jewell

Posted by Matt Hale

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I’m absolutely stoked to be named – for the fourth year in a row – amongst Australia’s top financial advisers.

I’m equally thrilled my colleague Sam Jewell joins me on the Financial Standard Power50 2023 list, having first appeared on it in 2022.

The Power50 recognition underscores the awesome work we do at Rising Tide, work which makes me incredibly proud.

2023 Highlights

A couple of things really stood out for me, and the whole Rising Tide crew, this year.

First off, it’s been a year of teaming up with some top-tier finance experts, like Rebecca Pritchard (Senior Financial Planner at Rising Tide Financial Services, Melbourne) and Dean Lombardo (Principal, Effortless Engagement), both of whom are no strangers to success.

Our renewed focus on making our financial advice better than ever is another highlight for 2023.

We’ve been working extremely hard, especially with Sam Gawenda (our Head of Lending), to ensure our debt and mortgage services fit seamlessly into our financial planning process for clients.

2024 Commitments

For the completion of this year and throughout 2024, the Rising Tide team is committed to further customising our excellent advice, so it’s even more spot-on for the Aussie clients we love working with. Our clients, predominantly:

  • Pursue their financial goals with fervour, but find their schedules are pressed for time. 
  • Are inclined to actively engage in their financial decisions.
  • Embrace the wisdom of expert advice and are willing to entrust the handling of some of the intricacies to professionals.
  • Skilfully navigate dual parenting roles (with children at home or in school) or are eagerly anticipating the arrival of little ones.
  • Aspire to embark on significant life transitions, such as acquiring a new home or advancing to the next chapter.

At Rising Tide, we value taking responsibility and showing genuine care and empathy for our clients, and being recognised by our industry serves to remind me how lucky I am to help people with their money.

Looking ahead to 2024, I’m amped up and ready to give it my all!

So, if you’re reading this and have some ideas about how you think I (and the broader Rising Tide team) can offer people even more support with their money, get in touch because I’d love to chat with you.