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Jules is set to make a splash at Rising Tide

Posted by Matt Hale

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Just last month, fresh-faced (apart from his moustache, that makes people laugh and smile on the street) Julian “Jules” Mauro joined the team here at Rising Tide.

Jules is the youngest child, and only boy, in his immediate family, which means he’s used to being spoiled! Luckily, his older sisters still love him anyway. He and his family are traditional Italians; they love food, wine, and family get togethers!

He has a lovely girlfriend of almost 2 years, and says they work so well together because, “She has a fashion degree, and it makes for a good balance between my finance numbers brain and her creative brain.”

Jules’s impressive qualifications (Bachelor of Commerce – majoring in accounting, and Chartered Accountant – ICAA) have taken him from a small firm, to the CBD, and in 2016, to the tech capital of America, Silicon Valley. Of his time overseas, he says, “I loved the kindness of the people there, the sheer size of the country and things to do, and the fast-paced business environment in the tech area we were based.

Julian believes managing your money doesn’t have to mean being incredibly strict with a budget; just be realistic about your spending habits, and create a direct debit to automatically put aside some savings each payday. After a while, you won’t notice the money going out, and you’ll be building a nest egg without stress. You can have your avocado toast and eat it too!

I like to think I’m not a stereotypical accountant that only chose accounting because I’m good at numbers.” says Jules, “I love business. I love seeing businesses perform, and learning about their life cycle, structure, and trends. This is where the passion developed for the field. Also seeing great results for your clients is something that’s hard to compete with. In this position and industry, we are able to work for and with multiple industries and are constantly learning with our clients.

When he’s not crunching numbers and being fantastic with our clients, Jules loves to keep fit in a variety of different ways; he tried cycling but couldn’t get past the lycra. He tried to fight it, but eventually gave in to the CrossFit trend and fell in love with how challenging it is.

It’s a good thing Jules loves to keep fit, because he also loves food: “With all that exercise comes the balance. I enjoy getting out and getting to new food spots, brunch and dinner for date nights, and burgers with the mates.”

Julian also inherited a love of cars from his dad and hopes to be able to start collecting one day. He appreciates all cars, but puts Porsche at the top of his list for the best, well-balanced cars.

Jules says, of applying to join Rising Tide, “I chose Rising Tide as they are a young and progressive company. They are contributing to the changes in the financial services space and our clients recognise us for this. I connect with the marketed demographic as I fall into that said demographic.
After being at other firms and seeing some of the “old school” principles still being used I welcomed the refreshing and inviting culture of Rising Tide.

He also adds, “I didn’t know there was a table tennis table in the office when I applied… this may have got them extra points if I knew!

Jules hopes to build a large and loyal client base, where he works alongside them to achieve their goals, whether business, financial or personal. He values a great rapport with his clients, and hopes to become a trusted advisor to them.

He also wants to embrace the way technology allows us to have a better work/life balance, thanks to things like video conferencing. We think he’s angling to be able to work from home in the future, so he should definitely keep up the great work!

To find out more about how the Rising Tide team can help you reach your personal financial goals, give us a call today on 03 370 330 287.