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Rising Tide has two of Australia’s 50 most influential financial advisers 

Posted by Matt Hale

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P50 Congratulations

In what was a lovely surprise, this morning I received an email letting me know that Rebecca Pritchard and I both have made it onto the Financial Standard Power50 list for 2020 – a shortlist of Australia’s most influential advisers.  

The FSPower50 list includes financial advisers that are actively engaged in the industry, and are at the forefront of working to improve the financial advice industry for their clients & the wider community. The judging process is over two months, and before making the list each person must be ticked off by the FPA (financial planning association) & the AFA (Association of financial advisers).

And while it’s incredibly humbling to be given this nod of approval, this is also a great achievement for the entire team. As a business, we have taken everything 2020 could throw at us and got better. Whether it be advice, client service (hopefully both), it’s brilliant to know that what we are doing to develop and grow at Rising Tide is receiving some recognition.

Rebecca joined us off the back of having her little boy Jeffy earlier this year. From day one, she has been a great fit and allows us to provide a different perspective on financial advice, while increasing our capabilities in different areas like goals-based advice and cashflow coaching.  

Rebecca is a financial coach in every sense of the word, and since her arrival, there definitely has been an increased level of sharing knowledge across the entire team. For example, the financial planning advice team (Sam Jewell, Rebecca and myself) diligently catch up every Wednesday to discuss how we can better serve our clients and provide more valuable advice.

Every client that comes through the doors benefits from these discussions and I can safely say that Rebecca, Sam and I have developed greatly off the back of them.  From the perspective of a financial adviser, what I have learnt from the last twelve months is that the more experienced you become, the better opportunities there are to learn.

I am more confident in my ability to ask the right questions, and use my ears (two) and mouth (one) in better proportions than I previously did. I also believe that since becoming a dad, my empathy levels have improved, and I now see things in a more rounded manner.  

Day to day, making it onto the FSPower50 list doesn’t change much at all, but it does provide an additional layer of comfort that the work we are putting in is in the right areas. It also makes us an employer of choice and allows us to attract and maintain the right talent – all of which helps our current and prospective clients more effectively.  

Once again, I would like to say a huge thanks to the whole Rising Tide team, our leaders and most of all our clients. You make coming to work a fun experience.

Cheers, Matt Hale