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Top 5 Money Tips For World Travellers

Posted by Matt Hale

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Browney’s top five money tips for world travellers.

One of my own personal financial goals is to always be in a position to afford to travel on an overseas holiday at least once per year. I’m a BIG believer in travel, it teaches you about the world while allowing you to expand your horizons and most importantly it allows you to relax and zone out from work for a short period of time.

How do I ensure that I’m able to travel overseas every year without entering into debt and also continue to afford my regular life expenses?


  1. Travel Off Peak – Travelling off peak ensures no need to compete with young families when travelling during school holidays and ensures no premium travel and accommodation costs are incurred.
  2. Take Advantage of Discount Websites – These websites provide large discounts of up to 72% at just the click of a button.
  3. Experience the Culture – Make the most of your time abroad! Don’t waste your experience drinking and eating in your hotel, these places can often charge Australian prices. Go and experience the true culture and local venues and in return you may save a substantial amount in the process.
  4. Shopping – If travelling to an Asian country remember, often a large part of their culture is haggling over the price. EMBRACE IT! Have fun with it as it can often lead to a better price.
  5. Travel Insurance – Majority of credit cards automatically provide you with travel insurance if you make a purchase of over $500 within 30 days of your travel date. Ensure to check with your financial institute to avoid doubling up with an additional policy as you may already have cover in place.

Get out there, start travelling & have fun!

Good luck!