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Welcome award-winning financial planner Rebecca Pritchard

Posted by Matt Hale

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We are very fortunate and excited to welcome award-winning financial planner Rebecca Pritchard to Rising Tide. We are also very excited to welcome Rebecca’s husband Eric & little boy Jeffy to the Rising Tide family! Rebecca has a host of experience in specialist areas that will help Rising Tide clients – combining financial advice and money coaching. Rebecca also has a knack of asking great questions, which helps people to challenge their thought process and come up with answers that will serve them

I first got the opportunity to meet Rebecca as she went through the process (and subsequently won) the Rising Star award presented by the Association of Financial Advisers in 2018. Coincidentally when our own Sam Jewell was a finalist in the same award in 2017 and 2018.

In every interaction, Rebecca presented in a polished manner. She was extremely consistent and displaying a high level of technical knowledge, whilst still being able to execute in a pressure environment – that’s the holy grail in the DNA of a great financial advisor.

Rebecca has spent a decade in professional services in Melbourne, across both corporate finance and providing financial advice for wealth accumulators in the areas of investment, superannuation (including self-managed super funds) and most notably helping clients achieving their ‘Yes’ moments. Rebecca is a very established financial coach and absolutely isn’t a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

Take a moment to check out her personal website, which might give you a better understanding of Rebecca’s philosophies when it comes to financial advice.

If you think Rebecca might be a good fit for you, or someone you know, to help guide you through your financial journey – please reach out.