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Workshop: Navigating money matters for a loved one who has a disability

Posted by Matt Hale

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Chris Browne, founder and Managing Director of Rising Tide Financial Services, is a young father with two beautiful boys, the youngest suffering from both ADHD and ASD.

After growing up with financial adversity as a result of his mother who was single and tried to make ends meet on her meagre income with no child support, unfortunately fell short too often. Chris’s passion for financial security drove him to seek financial planning advice in his late 20’s, however he felt traditional financial advice firms didn’t speak his language or implied he was not cashed up enough to be valued as a serious client. Completely underwhelmed by his experience, Chris launched Rising Tide – specialising in advice for a new generation.

Chris would like to take this opportunity to help every-day Melbournians in a similar position to look under their ‘financial hood’ to see how we can best set up a loved one for financial independence.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Special disability trust
  • Centrelink options
  • Carers Allowance and Carers Payment
  • Disability support pension

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