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Alistair Tubb

Expert Advice When Navigating Home Loans is Vital, says Alistair Tubb

Alistair Tubb and Annika Memery have been together for around 5 years now, and they both work quite stressful and intense jobs. Alistair is in the medical industry, and Annika is a lawyer.

They both like to keep active as a way to decompress from work – the couple that gyms together stays together! Alistair is also an avid cyclist, and when they’re not keeping fit they’re relaxing and catching up with mates. They are also incredibly passionate about travelling; every second year they aim to go international, and so this year they’ll be enjoying a break at Noosa, staying closer to home.

Speaking of homes, that’s why Alistair and Annika got in touch with us at Rising Tide Financial Services. He was referred by a friend of his, who knew that Alistair wanted to see someone ‘in the know’ as he and Annika were looking to buy a house, and wanted to make sure all their bases were covered.

“We ended up using a guarantor, which it wasn’t as straight forward a process to do that. […] They were able to […] navigate through that and make it work.”

It all worked out for Alistair and Annika – they got a house “above and beyond” what they thought they could afford. They feel so lucky to have a new home for many reasons, and one is because they are planning children in the near future.

“We’ve managed to get into a home that would allow us to grow which is great.”

Having a home you and your family can grow into is important to many of us, and they hope they’ll be there for a long time!

While they didn’t need our help with budgeting (Annika takes care of that side of things), the couple were keen to get financial advice from us, to ensure the security of their future. Life insuranceincome protectionsuperannuation; all those boring things nobody likes to think about, but are so important to make sure you’re covered for when things go wrong.

“They tied it all in together and it made sense to have a one-stop-shop.”

Alistair and Annika really appreciated being guided in the do’s and don’ts of finance, and through the often overwhelming and tricky process of buying a house while using a guarantor. They knew using an expert would ensure that all the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed, in a way that was the most beneficial to them.

As well as planning for children soon, Alistair and Annika are looking to get back into investing again in the future. We’re more than happy to help you guys out with that as well!

We hope you enjoy your Noosa trip, and we can’t wait to hear any future baby news!

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