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Anthony De Leo

Anthony De Leo on Making Your Family’s Future Secure

Anthony ‘Ant’ De Leo describes himself and his family as “relatively normal”, but, as he says, “there’s no such thing as normal!” He and his wife Monica have two children, Noah, 10, and Scarlett, 7.

Anthony is the Sales Manager for an audio-visual importer/distributor of consumer-based electronics, and he takes care of four states. Monica is a teacher, and the family lives in Nunawading in Victoria.

The De Leos are all sports-mad. Noah plays “every sport known to man”, as Ant describes it. Noah plays footy, cricket, basketball, and he also dances.

Monica loves her netball and running, both of which have unfortunately had to be put on hold due to injury.

Meanwhile, Anthony says he used to play a lot of cricket, but is “getting too old for that now”, so he’s concentrating on his passion for cycling.

Outside of all the sports, the whole family is also really into music. Between the sports and their other hobbies, he says, “the house is always a mad house!” Anthony is your typical Aussie bloke; he enjoys a drink with his mates and having a good time.

And like most, he hadn’t really thought much about the future. Nobody likes to think of the worst happening, but since working with us for the past 6 years, Ant says that Rising Tidehelped him consider things he would have otherwise neglected, or never even have thought of.

He’s referring to things such as income protection and life insurance. He’s also had us help restructure his mortgage and his finances, and helped him improve his superannuation returns as well.

Anthony now understands the importance of covering all your bases, so to speak, and he feels a lot more secure about his family’s future, even if the worst was to happen. It’s not something many of us want to think about, but Ant is comfortable knowing that things are now set up for the worst-case scenarios. His family will be taken care of, and not have to worry about things like paying bills, which is comforting for any family man.

Having income protection, it’s obviously important in case things go wrong, you’ve got some back up. And unfortunately, as horrible as it is, some life insurance if god forbid I kick the bucket, my family’s taken care of.”

Anthony started working with us 6 years ago, and has dealt with Matt Hale since the beginning. However, he praises everyone he’s come into contact with or worked with at Rising Tide. Ant knows what he likes in businesses that he deals with, and that is honesty and being direct. Having also studied marketing, he doesn’t want to be “sold to”; he just wants the facts in a straight-forward manner, without any bull. As do a lot of us!

Ant has become friends with many of us here at Rising Tide, which is something he speaks highly of. He likes to operate the same way within his own work, where possible; the friendship comes first, and the business flows from that. We look forward to our next meeting, Ant!

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