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Nick Graham

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Matt Hale: I’d say that you’re probably one of very few young guys that, like you say, had a really good understanding of the, I suppose, the machinations of saving and how to be good with your money, I suppose. But what I’ve seen is that you’re much clearer on looking to the future now and probably having a good decision process to make calls like when you bought your house, like when you renovated. And where do you think that’s come from?

Nick Graham: Probably, to be honest, probably through the lines of communication with you guys, I rely on your advice a lot, I see a lot of faith and trust in yourself and obviously you built a lot of trust with the Rising Tide team over time, just getting to know them, but also the relationship we had when we first started to communicate and got to know each other. Built a level of trust in which I could put my faith in kind of what you’re saying and kind of the direction you steering me. So I think that obviously helped make some decisions. And to be honest with that kind of direction, I would have made some decisions that might have put me a little bit back. But like I said, I always knew what kind of I needed to do, but I just needed someone to just keep me keep me in line with the right direction. And I think that’s where Rising Tide’s bring a big benefit to myself and Lana.

I come from my own journey, like you come up from the country and you earn pretty good money playing footy, it’s easy to kind of drift in and kind of waste some of that money. But I was obviously never a massive earner, but to be able to be twenty five, twenty six now with obviously a fully renovated house, obviously looking to get married and save some money for that, we’re in a really good financial position. Now I’ve got a really strong job, but it’s it’s been really beneficial being able to put some money away, some more money into my super and just and just obviously with the getting equity in my business as well. Now, how that all transpired and getting upskilled in and trying to set myself up for the future and with tax benefits and things like that, like I’ve got Rising Tide to thank for that because I didn’t really understand that place too well.

Matt Hale: That’s great feedback, I reckon one of the best things that we’ve done over the past 12 months together is actually bringing Lana into the conversation. What do you think that she would say about, you know, probably merging your two financial lives? I know she’s had a lot of trust in what you’ve done along the way. But certainly when we caught up in November last year, I felt like there was a bit of a changing in dynamic for the better.

Nick Graham: Yeah to be honest, is probably a scenario where it’s a bit of a, not a touchy subject but obviously something that’s really not spoken about too much. And we decided to bite the bullet and just and just join our fans like obviously engage and not going anywhere. So I thought it’d be a good opportunity to put that money together and decide, let’s do this together now. And obviously, with the help of you guys getting Lana involved in those conversations, to be honest, she’s probably not as upskilled in that area as what I was. So just to give her, based on our review of how it all works and even swap swapping out of some of her supers and and getting some life insurance in place, just little things like that that we’ve started to introduce to Lana I think it’s really beneficial.

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