Success Story

Lyn & Geoff

Photo of Lyn & Geoff,

When Geoff was diagnosed with bowel cancer everything became immediate. It was a shock as you don’t plan to get ill.

We had specialists appointments, blood tests, MRIs, hospital admissions, telling family, work etc. This all costs money. As much as we were told the outcome was promising, there were no guarantees. The emotional toll was enormous but knowing we had trauma insurance gave us immense peace of mind.

We could concentrate on Geoff’s health and every decisions didn’t have to be hard. Every step of the process had a cost but we didn’t have to worry about  “what will this cost?” because we knew we had the insurance to cover it.

On reflect 12 months later we are so grateful we had the insurance and the support of Matt because it alleviated a whole level of stress in a life changing period.

Special regards,


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