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Tim & Vesa

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How Tim and Vesa are creating a life they love

For many young Australians, trying to get ahead while still making time to enjoy life can be an elaborate juggling act – and it is often incredibly difficult to find a happy middle ground.

Although many are eager to put in the hours needed to secure themselves financially, we can easily find ourselves fighting the temptations of travel and the urge to splurge on extras, instead of sticking to a solid savings plan.

Tim and Vesa are a young couple from Melbourne who are both busy building their careers in law. As people with relatively demanding jobs, Tim and Vesa place a high importance on being able to make time for themselves – whether it be keeping fit, going on holidays, or spending time with their families.

At the beginning of the year, Tim and Vesa were preparing to undergo some major life changes and were set take some big steps in terms of their financial standing.

In the space of one year, we had begun planning our wedding and were looking to purchase our first home. We soon became overwhelmed with trying to finance these two significant investments while trying to keep any kind of balance in our lives,” says Vesa.

Friends of ours had recommended that we get in touch with Rising Tide Financial Services as they had worked with them previously and been very well looked after. Little did we know, it would turn out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!

Tim and Vesa began working with Sam Gawenda, one of Rising Tide’s expert lending specialists who is committed to coming up with creative ways to get young people into their first homes fast.

Sam spent time with Tim and Vesa to identify what was truly important to them. Using his expertise and advanced knowledge, Sam was able to help the couple come up with a solid strategy that not only fit into their lifestyle, but also helped them to reach their goals far sooner than they had expected.

Sam listened to our many ideas and he was able to guide us and work with us to achieve what really mattered, which was to be able to buy a home that we can see ourselves living in for at least the next ten years,” says Vesa.

We’re thrilled with the outcome and thanks to the support of the team at Rising Tide, we are now looking to buy an investment property as well as block in the country to build a getaway house.

Our experience has taught us the importance of getting assistance from advisers like Rising Tide, because they have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction and give practical advice that can really make a difference to your financial security. Buying a house or whatever else is important to you doesn’t happen overnight – you have to be diligent and think about what will also work for you in the future. It’s not a matter of just rushing into something for the sake of it.

To find out more information on how to create your own savings strategy and start achieving your goals, give us a call on 03 370 330 287 to set up an appointment with one of our Rising Tide’s expert financial advisers.

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